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Meditationskissen rund rosé – meditation cushion round rose


meditation cushion round


design by Baby, don’t waste it.

c: circa 99cm

d: circa 31cm

h: circa 12cm


material: recycled coffee bag jute, velvet

filling: spelt husk

All products are handmade and made ot of recycled material, coffebags and it’s patterns may vary. The picture may not correspond to reality 100%.


Meditationskissen rund


Design von Baby don’t waste it.

Umfang: circa 99cm

Durchmesser: circa 31cm

Höhe: circa 12cm


Material: recycelter Kaffeesack Jute, Samt

Füllmaterial: Dinkelspelz

Alle Stücke sind handgefertigt und aus recyceltem Material hergestellt, die Kaffeesäcke und deren Muster können variieren. Die Bilder können unter Umständen der Realität nicht zu 100% entsprechen.


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endless love. finite resources.

BABY, DON’T WASTE IT. is here to fill homes with unique, handcrafted pieces as well as to spread a breeze of awareness.

It all began with a vision of reusing coffee bags, which would have usually been emptied and thrown away. Pieces by BABY, DON’T WASTE IT. reveal the beauty that lies within recycling – the beauty of being conscious with our planet and within yourself.

Re-using rather than wasting is one way to create a happy and inhabitable future for this world. For that reason BABY, DON’T WASTE IT. wants to inspire as many people as possible to question consumption and to reuse materials with whatever creative idea comes to your mind.

All BABY, DON’T WASTE IT. products are handmade in Munich. Embracing simple designs, our creations are styled in such a way that they never grow old and are sustainable and long living accompanists for you.

You can guess: the journey to a conscious planet is not about being perfect, but about taking as many little steps in the right direction as you can. Let’s start!

rethink. recycle. shine!