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Cocora Silk Eyewear Straps


Handwoven with the finest and colourful organic silk from the Cauca mountains, the AZUA silk eyewear retainers are the perfect complement to any pair of sunglasses.
Using an ancient technique known as Tablet or Egyptian Weaving Loom, the master weaver Dorotea Giraldo constantly takes her creativity to new dimensions on these intrinsic patterns. Each piece takes up to 3 hours to be woven, using exclusively organic silk thread, picked and processed by hand, dyed with natural elements such as leaves and seeds by indigenous people from the Cauca region. ​​​​​​​


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MEASUREMENTS: L.63cm x W.0,4cm
MATERIALS: 64 threads of certified organic silk and waxed thread.
ORIGIN/SOURCE: Weaving: Manizales, Caldas / Raw Material: Corseda – Cauca
These are unique pieces. Since they are handwoven, please expect some slight variation in size and colour.
*if you would like to have more of the same design and colour, please contact us at