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Caramanta Silk Armband – Coral and Purple


Handwoven with the finest and colourful organic silk from the Cauca mountains, the CARAMANTA silk armbands are the perfect complement to any outfit. Colour: Purple and Coral lines with golden little dots. 


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Colourful life! Vibrant living!
Our AZUA armbands collection is
a perfect balance between colourful boho patterns and delicate design. A luxurious but subtle touch to any outfit.
Each piece takes up to one day to be handwoven, using exclusively organic silk thread. The artisan behind this work is the master weaver Dorotea Giraldo, who uses an ancient weaving technique known as Tablet Weaving Loom. The delicate silk is picked and processed by hand, dyed with natural elements such as leaves and seeds by indigenous people from the Cauca region.

MEASUREMENTS: L60cm x W0,4cm (adjustable)
MATERIALS: 64 threads of certified organic silk and waxed thread.
ORIGIN/SOURCE: Waving: Manizales, Risaralda